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 Acupuncturists Woodbridge, NJ

If you're new to holistic healing, acupuncture may seem intimidating. You might be wondering how needles pressed into your skin could possibly make you feel better. Wouldn't someone pushing a needle into your back be painful? As it turns out, acupuncture is far from painful and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after treatments for chronic pain and for regulating issues relating to:

  • Digestion
  • Hormones
  • Breathing
  • Muscles
  • Nerves & Brain
  • Sex & Libido
  • Body Circulation
  • Organs & Heart

In fact, acupuncture has been studied and practiced for over 2,500 years and, more recently, has been researched and supported by many scientific studies. While acupuncture may not be a "miracle" treatment for every type of pain or condition, it has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of issues, from depression and allergies to morning sickness and cramps.

Covering the Basics of Acupuncture in Woodbridge, NJ

Acupuncture is a therapy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that aims to balance the body's energy, called qi, which flows through pathways called meridians. This balance is crucial for overall wellness, as disruptions to qi can lead to health concerns. According to TCM, inserting small stainless-steel needles into specific points called acupoints along the meridians can help rebalance the flow of qi and restore overall health.

These acupoints are believed to release certain chemicals when stimulated, which can trigger an immune response and promote physiological homeostasis. Recent research suggests that this therapy may help alleviate symptoms of various health ailments.

In fact, the National Institute of Health conducted a survey on complementary health approaches, revealing that acupuncture usage in the United States has increased by 50 percent between 2002 and 2012. As of 2012, 6.4 percent of American adults have reported using acupuncture as a form of treatment.

Acupuncture Near Me Woodbridge, NJ

Is Acupuncture in Woodbridge, NJ Actually Legit?

One of the most common questions from new patients interested in acupuncture typically revolves around whether it really works or whether it's all "new age" malarky. We get it - for most folks, the thought of inserting stainless-steel needles into one's back, arms, or neck sounds loony. However, with the ever-increasing popularity of acupuncture in New Jersey and other locations, numerous studies centering on acupuncture's effectiveness have taken place.

Extensive research has been conducted on the effectiveness of acupuncture for various conditions. A February 2022 analysis published in the BMJ, which evaluated over 2,000 scientific reviews of acupuncture therapies, revealed that acupuncture's efficacy is strongest for:

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Post-Stroke Aphasia
  • Muscle Pain
  • Lactation Issues
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Vascular Dementia
  • More

Additionally, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), acupuncture is most effective for pain relief in cases of chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, lower back pain, and tension headaches. Additionally, a review of 11 clinical trials found that acupuncture may also alleviate symptoms associated with cancer treatment, as noted by the NIH.

What Happens During an Acupuncture Session at New Jersey Sports Spine & Wellness?

When meeting with your acupuncturist for the first time, they will discuss your condition with you before conducting a physical examination to identify areas of your body that might respond to acupuncture. The needles used in acupuncture are incredibly thin, sterile, and disposable, with your acupuncturist inserting them at different depths ranging from a fraction of an inch to several inches.

Acupuncture needles are less painful than medical needles used for vaccines or blood draws. This is because acupuncture needles are thinner and solid, not hollow. During the treatment, you may experience some muscle sensations like dull aches or tingling.

Your practitioner will ask you to report any deep heaviness or numbness, which are positive signs that the treatment is working. Depending on the condition you're treating and the supplemental treatments you're undergoing, like physical therapy, acupuncture needles will remain in place for several minutes or up to 30 minutes.

Once your first acupuncture treatment is finished, it's normal to feel extra relaxed and calm. For that reason, some patients like to arrange for a ride home after their first or second session. With that said, you shouldn't experience much pain at all, and it's quite possible for you to return to work after acupuncture.

How Many Treatments Until Acupuncture Works?

This is another common question that we get at New Jersey Sports Spine & Wellness. The simple answer is, "It depends." While we understand that that's not a satisfying answer for some, it's important to understand that every patient is different. Everyone has different bodies and, by proxy, different bodily conditions and issues that need to be addressed.

During your initial consultation at our office, your licensed acupuncturist will go over your needs and goals as it relates to acupuncture therapy. Once your therapist has a good sense of the scope of your needs, they can give you a loose idea of how many sessions you'll need.

Generally speaking, most patients have appointments once a week. Others may require more or less frequent sessions. It's important to note that the full benefits of acupuncture may not be immediately evident after the first or even the second session. It's common for normal patients to undergo up to five treatments to realize the full benefits of acupuncture.

What Conditions Are Treated with Acupuncture in Woodbridge, NJ?

There's no question that acupuncture is more popular than ever as a non-invasive, non-addictive way to reclaim balance and well-being. But what types of conditions can this traditional therapy help alleviate in the modern world? Advances in acupuncture techniques and applications have resulted in some very promising benefits.

Relief from Chronic Pain

Did you know that regular acupuncture treatments can help reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis? In May 2017, a meta-analysis was published, which studied approximately 18,000 patients with chronic pain, such as low back, neck, and shoulder pain, knee OA, and headache or migraine. The analysis found that the benefits of acupuncture therapy in reducing pain lasted for more than 12 months.

That's wonderful news for athletes and other people who push their bodies daily to accomplish goals or bring home money for rent and bills. In fact, many medical experts consider acupuncture as a viable option for managing chronic pain in conjunction with traditional methods like physical therapy and chiropractic care. The idea behind this approach is that acupuncture may trigger the body's natural healing response to alleviate pain.

When a licensed acupuncturist in New Jersey inserts an acupuncture needle, it penetrates your fascia, a connective tissue that wraps around your organs and muscles. Like a slight tickle on your arm, your body realizes that something is happening and responds by delivering lymph fluid, blood, and other important nutrients to speed up healing in affected areas like your knees, back, neck, joints, and more.

 Fertility Acupuncture Woodbridge, NJ
 Best Acupuncture Woodbridge, NJ

Migraine Headache Relief

If you're like other people who suffer from migraines, you know that once one of them hits, it can be next to impossible to function properly throughout the day. Fortunately, acupuncture in Woodbridge, NJ may be a viable solution if you have to endure migraines often.

A study conducted in 2009 by the Center for Complementary Medicine at the University of Munich analyzed 11 studies involving 2,137 patients who received acupuncture treatment for chronic tension-type headaches. The researchers concluded that acupuncture could be an effective non-pharmacological solution for frequent headaches.

The study compared the effects of acupuncture sessions with sham acupuncture and no treatment at all. Both groups that received acupuncture treatment, whether needles were placed randomly or strategically, reported a reduction in headache symptoms, while the control group reported no change. The group that received real acupuncture treatment also reported a decrease in the number of headache days and intensity of pain in a follow-up survey.

Improved Sleep

For individuals who struggle with insomnia and other sleep disturbances, acupuncture is a promising therapy. Although sedatives are commonly prescribed for insomnia, long-term use can lead to negative side effects such as dependence and excessive drowsiness.

A study conducted on 72 participants and published in Sleep Medicine in 2017 found that individuals who received acupuncture three times a week for four weeks experienced significant improvements in sleep quality and anxiety compared to those who received sham acupuncture.

Similarly, a review of 30 randomized, controlled trials found that acupuncture was more effective in improving sleep quality and daytime functioning than sham acupuncture.

 Acupuncture Clinic Woodbridge, NJ
 Facial Acupuncture Woodbridge, NJ

Better Recovery from Surgery

While many patients choose acupuncture as a way to avoid surgery altogether, those who need surgery also use it for improved recovery. Because, at the end of the day, recovering from surgery is no easy feat. Patients may experience various symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, pain around the incision, restlessness, sleep troubles, constipation, and sore throat.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, healthcare providers may use acupuncture as a way to alleviate some of these symptoms and help with healing. A study published in Integrative Cancer Therapies in January 2017 involving 172 participants found that patients who received acupuncture after surgery reported significant improvements in sleep, anxiety, pain, fatigue, nausea, and drowsiness.

 Acupuncture Treatment Woodbridge, NJ

The Surprising Benefits of Supplementing Physical Therapy with Acupuncture

Did you know that supplementing physical therapy with acupuncture and vice versa can have profoundly beneficial effects for patients in New Jersey and across the country? If you're like most, chances are you didn't.

The truth is that acupuncture and physical therapy have both been proven effective in reducing pain and inflammation. While many people view them as separate methods, combining the two modalities can produce a synergistic effect that enhances pain relief and delivers long-lasting benefits to patients.

Physical therapists work with patients of all ages and abilities, from children to elderly adults, to help them overcome physical limitations and improve their quality of life. At NJ Sports Spine & Wellness, our physical therapists help treat a wide range of conditions, from neck pain and spinal cord injuries to back pain and arthritis.

To effectively reduce pain and treat tissue injury, a combination of acupuncture and physical therapy can be very helpful. Acupuncture helps to reduce inflammation and release muscle tightness and trigger points, allowing the patient to better receive manual therapy or exercise-based physical therapy techniques. In doing so, acupuncture can actually create a window of time that allows your body to respond better to other treatments at New Jersey Sports Spine & Wellness, such as physical therapy and chiropractic care.

There are many benefits of combining physical therapy with acupuncture in Woodbridge, NJ, including the following:

  • Increased Range of Motion
  • More Effective Long-Term Pain Relief
  • Enhanced Tissue Repair & Healing
  • Better Response to Physical Therapy Due to Pain Reduction
  • Less of a Need for Pain Medications
  • Boosted Mood & Energy
  • Better Quality of Life Overall

You may be wondering, "Are there any studies showing these benefits?" As it turns out, there are many. One such study, published on the NIH's website, was conducted on patients suffering from frozen shoulder.

 Acupuncture Therapy Woodbridge, NJ

Patients who received acupuncture experienced a significant reduction in pain, while those who underwent physical therapy saw an improvement in range of motion. However, the best outcome was observed in patients who received a combination of both treatments, with reduced pain, increased their range of motion, and improved quality of life. This study highlights the potential benefits of using acupuncture and physical therapy as complementary treatments for frozen shoulder.

It makes sense, then, that people from all walks of life are combining acupuncture with chiropractic treatments at New Jersey Sports Spine & Wellness, including:

  • Professional Athletes
  • Football Players
  • Soccer Players
  • Baseball Players
  • Construction Workers
  • Landscapers
  • Accountants and People Working Office Jobs
  • Public Officials
  • Police Officers
  • More

Combining Acupuncture with Chiropractic Care for Pain Relief and Wellness


At New Jersey Sports Spine & Wellness, our doctors, practitioners, occupational therapists, and physical therapist specialize in a range of therapies and treatments. Much like physical therapy and acupuncture, combining chiropractic care with acupuncture therapy gives patients a new way to reclaim their mobility, reduce chronic pain, and maintain a healthy quality of life.

Chiropractic care and acupuncture in Woodbridge, NJ are natural healing practices that don't rely on drugs to improve the body's health. They focus on correcting imbalances in the body's structural and supportive systems, promoting natural healing, and ultimately leading to better health. These practices have a proven track record of helping patients improve their quality of life and overcome physical difficulties.

 Medical Acupuncture Woodbridge, NJ

What are the Benefits of Using Acupuncture with Chiropractic Care?

Integrating chiropractic and acupuncture as a dual-modality treatment offers the most efficient solution for removing blockages from the body, promoting balance, and accelerating healing. Rather than using these treatments sequentially, a combined approach allows for maximum benefits at one time.

Chiropractic targets subluxations in the nervous system through manual adjustments, facilitating the central nervous system to promote healing, while acupuncture removes blockages that may hinder the body's internal balance. Together, these treatments work synergistically to optimize energy flow and restore harmony in the body.

 Cosmetic Acupuncture Woodbridge, NJ
 Cosmetic Acupuncture Woodbridge, NJ

What Conditions Can Be Treated with Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care?

When our physical well-being becomes imbalanced, and our innate healing mechanisms are compromised, illnesses can manifest. The integration of acupuncture and chiropractic practices can effectively address a wide range of health conditions that they individually target, such as:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Conditions Like Diabetes
  • More

Curious if combining chiropractic care or physical therapy with acupuncture is right for your body? The best way to find out is to make an appointment at our sports rehab clinic in New Jersey. Once our team of medical professionals has a chance to evaluate your conditions, we can explore the best options to provide the most relief in the shortest amount of time possible.

The Premier Choice for Professional Acupuncture in Woodbridge, NJ

New Jersey Sports Spine & Wellness consists of a team of athletic trainers, chiropractors, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other professionals. We're very proud and passionate about caring for our patients, many of whom are suffering from debilitating conditions like back and neck pain, plantar fasciitis, sports-related injuries, and more. If you're trying to get on the road to pain relief and recovery, acupuncture may be the non-surgical solution you need to reclaim your life. Contact our office today to learn whether this exciting treatment is right for you.


Latest News in Woodbridge, NJ

'Shows you the two sides of humanity': Homeless good Samaritan saves cat tossed from car

WOODBRIDGE – The staff at Woodbridge Animal Shelter sees "the good, the bad and the ugly every day."Thursday morning started out about the same when around 4 a.m., a cat was thrown from a car near the QuickCheck on Main Street.According to the shelter’s manager Heather Campione, a homeless man who witnessed the act came to the rescue."He's homeless and he can't take care of (the cat)," Campione said, adding the abandoned cat is OK.The young male cat followed the man a...

WOODBRIDGE – The staff at Woodbridge Animal Shelter sees "the good, the bad and the ugly every day."

Thursday morning started out about the same when around 4 a.m., a cat was thrown from a car near the QuickCheck on Main Street.

According to the shelter’s manager Heather Campione, a homeless man who witnessed the act came to the rescue.

"He's homeless and he can't take care of (the cat)," Campione said, adding the abandoned cat is OK.

The young male cat followed the man all morning, and he kept it safe until he knew someone would be at the animal shelter, Campione said. He also spared some of whatever money he had to buy two cans of cat food, she said.

He walked the cat, petting it in his arms, to the shelter and explained the ordeal, Campione said. She hopes to find the kind man and possibly name the cat after him.

"By the time I put the cat in the carrier, he walked away, he left. I didn't even get any information from him other than what he told me he saw," she said. "This was a both-sides-of-the-coin morning."

Also see:Tabby's Place in Hunterdon set to unveil haven for cats with feline leukemia virus

Woodbridge Animal Group (WAG), the shelter's nonprofit support arm, posted what transpired on its Facebook page. More than 100 people commented on the kindness of the man, offering to help him and adopt the cat.

"This just shows you the two sides of humanity, one has none and the other has more than enough," wrote one woman on the post. "Would gladly contribute for this wonderful human, keep us posted, and when this beautiful cat comes up for adoption."

"Please take care of each other, be kind to a stranger in need or a homeless animal," the shelter's post said. "Good things will come your way."

Campione said that she is planning on going over to the QuickChek to see if she can find the good Samaritan.

The cat will be available for adoption, she said. For more information go to woodbridgeanimalgroup.com.

email: cmakin@gannettnj.com

Cheryl Makin is an award-winning features and education reporter forMyCentralJersey.com, part of the USA Today Network. Contact: Cmakin@gannettnj.com or@CherylMakin. To get unlimited access, please subscribe or activate your digital account today.

Elderly woman missing, son injured after house fire in Woodbridge, N.J.

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. - Prosecutors said a woman is still missing and her son was treated for injuries after a fire at their New Jersey home Friday morning.Investigators said the massive fire ripped through the home on Greenbrook Avenue in the Keasbey section of Woodbridge shortly after 6:30 a.m.The fire was so intense flames could be seen shooting out of the roof."Ther...

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. - Prosecutors said a woman is still missing and her son was treated for injuries after a fire at their New Jersey home Friday morning.

Investigators said the massive fire ripped through the home on Greenbrook Avenue in the Keasbey section of Woodbridge shortly after 6:30 a.m.

The fire was so intense flames could be seen shooting out of the roof.

"There was, like, an explosion. Something blew up," Woodbridge resident Victor Cabrero said.

Responding firefighters could be seen battling the blaze before prosecutors said the roof collapsed.

Investigators said a male resident was able to get out, but his elderly mother was still missing.

Rosa Cruz said she saw the son outside covered in soot from the fire.

"He was like, 'She's in there.' So while I'm talking to him, his shirt is literally catching on fire, I am over here patting him out," Cruz said.

Cruz said she and the son tried to save his mom, who is believed to be in her 80s.

"We tried to open that door, but that door did not even wanna budge, and we just had to leave. It's just crazy 'cause he kept saying his mom is there. I just don't understand," Cruz said.

Investigators had to bring in a cadaver dog to search the house.

Neighbor Alberta Balasic said she knows the woman and her son well.

"She was just a fixture of the neighborhood. Her son, also. He did the shopping for her," Balasic said.

Balasic said she helped the woman, who had a hard time getting around. She also said the woman's son, who escaped the flames, made money selling metal.

"He was by himself all the time, just walking. He would collect metal and walk to south Amboy with a cart," Balasic said.

The home was leveled Friday afternoon.

While there are rumors in the neighborhood on what may have led to the fire, investigators said they still have not determined a cause.

Christine Sloan

Christine Sloan is an Emmy Award-winning reporter, who covers New Jersey for CBS 2 New York. Sloan re-joined the station in January 2023. She also worked at CBS 2 New York from 2004 to 2016.


Best Christmas Lights In Woodbridge And Nearby: 2023 Round-Up

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — We asked. And you answered.Here's our 2023 round-up of the best holiday light displays in Woodbridge, surrounding towns and beyond. If we missed a home (and we're sure we did!), please email it to carly.baldwin@patch.comMerry Christmas!Woodbridge/Middlesex County:612 Bamford Avenue, WoodbridgeWedgewood Ave in Woodbridge649 Lewis Street, Woodbridge532 Leon Ave, Woodbridge proper86 Liberty Street and side streets in Woodbridge310 Benjamin Ave...

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — We asked. And you answered.

Here's our 2023 round-up of the best holiday light displays in Woodbridge, surrounding towns and beyond. If we missed a home (and we're sure we did!), please email it to carly.baldwin@patch.com

Merry Christmas!

Woodbridge/Middlesex County:

612 Bamford Avenue, Woodbridge

Wedgewood Ave in Woodbridge

649 Lewis Street, Woodbridge

532 Leon Ave, Woodbridge proper

86 Liberty Street and side streets in Woodbridge

310 Benjamin Ave, Iselin

20 Pleasant Ave, Iselin

100 Auth Ave, Iselin

490 East Woodbridge Avenue, Avenel

108 Oak Street, Avenel

155 North Street, Woodbridge "Every year my hubby goes crazy and we love it."

121 Jordan Road, Colonia

44 S Robert Street, Sewaren

328 Oak Pkwy, Dunellen, NJ 08812

Lampasona Family 149 Day Street, South Plainfield - "handmade characters, talking/singing snowman and lots of lights"

Brookside Avenue in Old Bridge

57 Frederick Place in Old Bridge

10 Huxley Drive in Old Bridge

1 Juniper Court in Old Bridge

55 Valley Vale in Old Bridge

1123 Bordentown Avenue in Parlin

27, 78 and 89 Cori Street in Parlin

1 Donna Street in Parlin

4 Jeffrey Court in Parlin

33 Marcia Street in Parlin

85 Wilson Avenue in Parlin

329 Silzer Street in Perth Amboy

47 Walling Street in Sayreville

13 Kathleen Place in South Amboy

If you don't mind a little bit of a drive:

120 Main Street in Keyport. Shows are Sun-Thurs 6-9 p.m., Fri-Sat 6-10 p.m.

42 First Street in Keyport

195 Main Street in Keyport

Fordham Drive in Aberdeen

130 Matawan Avenue, Matawan, 07747

533 Palmer Avenue in Keansburg

9 Hudson Avenue in Keansburg

11 Hudson Avenue in Keansburg

7-10 River Street in Keansburg

14 Johnson Avenue in Union Beach

221 Poole Avenue in Union Beach

Powers Family Christmas Lights, 73 Third Street in Hazlet

Lights on Meredith, 21 Meredith Way in Hazlet The light show plays every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at 6 p.m. and again at 8 p.m. The show is weather permitting. The lights without the special show are on from 5 to 10 p.m. the rest of the week.

The Martin's Christmas Corner 11 Hudson Avenue in Hazlet The light show runs: Monday-Thursday 6-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 6-11 p.m. and Sunday 5-10 p.m. All shows are weather permitting.

Johnny's Hazlet Holiday Light Extravaganza 3 Bauer Ave in Hazlet

4 Boxwood Terrace, off Laurel Avenue in Holmdel. This home synchronizes their lights to music; when you drive by, tune your car FM radio to 88.1 and hear the music synchronized to the lights. They play 20 different songs each night and the light show runs from 5-9 p.m. nightly.

8 Hidden Hollow Terrace in Holmdel

27 Sage Street in Holmdel

17 Maacka Drive in Holmdel

189 Lynch Road Middletown, NJ

31 Acker Drive Middletown, NJ

12 Snyder Drive Middletown, NJ

1 Ward Place Middletown, NJ

5 Warren Place Middletown, NJ

Holiday Lights on Decker Drive 10 Decker Drive, Leonardo, NJ

If you don't mind a little bit more of a drive:

Maple Leaf Farms on Rt. 9 in Manalapan has a Christmas Wonderland

The Christmas Village at Anne Ellen 114 Daum Road, Manalapan, NJ 07726 "Follow their winding pathways through Christmas lights and interactive displays transporting you into a Christmas wonderland like no other."

This list was created in a partnership from Patch and T-Mobile to help you enjoy the holidays.

The lights at 328 Oak Parkway in Dunellen:

KPOT Korean BBQ, Hot Pot Coming To Woodbridge

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — Yummm. A KPOT Korean barbeque restaurant is coming to Woodbridge....

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — Yummm. A KPOT Korean barbeque restaurant is coming to Woodbridge.

KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot just leased a 12,300-square-feet location at St. Georges Crossing. This is the Woodbridge ShopRite plaza, at the intersection of heavily traveled Rts. 1 & 9 and Rt. 35.

However, KPOT hasn't released an opening date.

KPOT is all-you-can-eat, where you pick your meats, vegetables and sauces and grill them on a hot grill in front of you. They also have a traditional Asian hot pot, where you cook meats and vegetables in hot soup — it's great for wintertime. Their Woodbridge location will apparently also have a full bar.

KPOT Korean BBQ opened their first location in 2018, and has been expanding in New Jersey and nationally ever since.

Levin Management Corporation (LMC) is the leasing company for St. Georges Crossing.

“KPOT Korean BBQ & Hot Pot is a contemporary concept that has broad appeal,” said LMC senior leasing representative E.J. Moawad. “The experiential aspect of this restaurant allows everyone at the table to participate in cooking the meal, which provides a fantastic opportunity to gather and socialize. We are confident KPOT will be a traffic-driving destination for the shopping center and a great addition to the local restaurant landscape.”

All The Holiday Events In Woodbridge This Weekend

Ice skate with Santa at the Woodbridge Community Center, 2-4 p.m. Saturday. And Yankees great Bernie Williams will be at Woodbridge Brewing:WOODBRIDGE, NJ — For those looking to get into the holiday spirit, there are so many events planned in Woodbridge Township this weekend:The Main Library has a “Do-It-Yourself” session from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Friday for holiday crafts and creations. And then Friday night they will feature local author (and Colonia councilwoman) Debbie Meehan with her book, “Thoughts ...

Ice skate with Santa at the Woodbridge Community Center, 2-4 p.m. Saturday. And Yankees great Bernie Williams will be at Woodbridge Brewing:

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — For those looking to get into the holiday spirit, there are so many events planned in Woodbridge Township this weekend:

The Main Library has a “Do-It-Yourself” session from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Friday for holiday crafts and creations. And then Friday night they will feature local author (and Colonia councilwoman) Debbie Meehan with her book, “Thoughts from the Bench of Life” at 6:30 p.m.

The Reinhard Detachment of the Marine Corps League is collecting toys in the Sears wing of Woodbridge Center Mall from Friday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to close.

“A Christmas Carol” is playing at the Avenel Performing Arts Center Saturday at 10:00 am and again at 12 noon. “Bad Momma and Sweet Pea” are playing at Curtains at 7:00 p.m. Local Woodbridge musician Jared Tolley is appearing next Saturday at 7:00 pm.

On Saturday, the Woodbridge Presbyterian Church has their Clothes Closet from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Find out what's happening in Woodbridgewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Santa Claus is ice skating at the Woodbridge Community Center from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Saturday. Woodbridge Brewing Co. has Yankee legend Bernie Williams signing autographs at 2:00 pm. The Woodbridge Community Choir is performing at St. Andrew’s Church in Avenel at 7:30 pm.

Sunday, the Woodbridge High School marching band has a fundraising breakfast at the Woodbridge Elks from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. and the Comp Cheer and Dance team has a Breakfast with Santa from 10:00 am to noon at the Acacia Center. On Sunday night the First Presbyterian Church of Avenel has a live Nativity scene from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The Main Library has a “Heart Health for Seniors” program at 1:00 pm on Tuesday and St. James Church has a Christmas concert featuring Orchestra of St. Peter by the Sea on Thursday at 7:00 pm. Iselin Middle School is collecting coats, hats, gloves and scarves until December 20 to be distributed to those in need.

You can vote online for the Library Gingerbread House competition at woodbridgelibrary.org and win a Gingerbread house kit.

The 2023 Holiday Home Decorating Contest is ongoing so submit a picture of your home by December 31 to recreationdepartment@twp.woodbridge.nj.us and specify your category as Winter Wonderland, Greatable Inflatable or Most Holiday Spirit.

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